Top Hotels For A Dream Honeymoon

dream honeymoon

A few months ago, an exclusive survey by Trivago for Relaxnews revealed that large cities are popular with couples for their honeymoon . Las Vegas, Venice and Paris, among others, are loved by lovers. Not surprisingly, one would be tempted to say.

But we go further today by dwelling on the hotels to be preferred for such a trip. So to know where to put your suitcases when you are a couple of newlyweds, follow the guide.

1. Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas (United States)

First in this ranking, the city of exceedingly famous each year some 110,000 weddings. The Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas is the perfect place for a honeymoon. From the establishment, couples will quickly reach the various attractions of the city and can especially enjoy more intimate moments. Indeed, the spa, spread over two floors, comprises seven suites, which can be privatized by the day.

Price: from 245 $ per night (about 177 euros)
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2. The Westin Europa & Regina in Venice (Italy)

In the City of the Doges, head towards the Westin Europa & Regina. This luxurious five-star hotel offers views of the Grand Canal of Venice. Couples will be pampered with several services dedicated to them such as the In-Room Spa whereby the staff moves on demand with all the equipment for massages directly in the rooms. The Venetian magic is also made with the offer of dinner alone in the world, proposed by the hotel. Set in a private setting, the lovers will enjoy a meal concocted with Italian dishes.

Price: from 228 euros per night
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3. Le Meurice in Paris (France)

Among the jewels of the Parisian hotels, there is Le Meurice. In the capital of love, this palace, which has a three-star restaurant signed Alain Ducasse, also thought of couples. The “Souvenir … souvenir” offer invites them to pose in front of the goal of a professional photographer in the famous French gardens of the Tuileries, opposite the hotel or in the hotel. At the end of their stay, they will leave with ten shots that will immortalize forever this romantic journey.

Price: from 810 euros per night
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4. Shangri-La in London (England)

For an unforgettable moment, lovebirds will be able to visit the brand new Shangri-La London at the Shard, which will open on May 6, 2014. Luxurious and quiet will be on the menu of their stay in this modern and elegant hotel. The honeymoon can be crowned by a limousine ride, a service that only needs to be booked at the reception.