I Start In The Bio: Complete Beauty Routine Basic


When we embark on natural cosmetics , we often face the same questions. Which brands prefer? What products are truly natural? What ingredients should be avoided?

So here is a basic routine , which you can adapt to your skin type and with some tips to make it as effective as possible! You have often asked me, so I hope the article will live up to your expectations!

The Basics of Natural Cosmetics

Defining your skin type

First of all, I think it is essential to define the type of skin , in order to select the right products. I explain everything in this article , but for short: we often have a mixed skin . It is the most common type of skin.

Learn how to uncover harmful ingredients

For a while now, I am a partisan of the famous slogan ”  put on your skin only what is eaten  “. It is therefore in my opinion very important to know how to unmask the harmful ingredients  in cosmetics! Do not worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. To help you, I wrote two articles on the subject: 14 ingredients to avoid in cosmetics and the ingredients to avoid in organic and natural cosmetics . I also wrote an article to help you spot the brands that make greenwashing .

Prefer raw ingredients

I prefer cosmetics that have virtually not been processed (and therefore do not risk being distorted). Thus, I do not remove make-up with make-up remover, but rather with coconut oil. I no longer hydrate my skin with a so-called “ultra rich” cream, but rather with cocoa butter … For some time now I have been trying at all costs to wash my hair with Ayurvedic powders and to give up the shampoo (But they decided that NO, they did not feel like it and that it was not for them). We could roughly summarize that way: I prefer the ingredients rather than the products

Attention, I’m not saying that creams are useless. I still use it more, but more for the same effects.

Abandon bad habits

When I still bought my products in supermarket or pharmacy ( white cap, white cap ), I tended to want  to strip my skin at all costs . In my opinion, the pimples had to be attacked and not fed … This is completely wrong. Today, I put oil on my buttons to oust them … It was unthinkable for me a few years ago !! If I had only one advice to give you whatever your skin type, this would always, always,  always Nourish your skin . A beautiful skin, it is not a skin attacked or dried out.

It is also thought that it is better to put many different products to have a nice skin. For my part, I prefer the minimalist routines, I see much more efficiency than when I spread the face of a thousand different products. If I had the possibility, I would even leave my skin “naked” at night! In short, all this to say that besides doing good to your skin, you will save!

A Complete Natural Beauty Routine


In conventional toothpastes, there are solvents extremely irritating to the gums (mine are very sensitive) but especially, aluminum, triclosan … Very dangerous ingredients or aggressive for our small body. There is also fluoride, whether organic or conventional dentifrices. For 1 year and a half and the discovery of the dangers of fluoride , I avoid it in toothpaste.

Toothpaste, vegan, natural, cruelty free

1. Urtekram aloe vera toothpaste – 2.  Pachamamaï solid crystal toothpaste  + refill – 3. Logona toothpaste – 4. Lamazuna solid toothpaste – 5. Weleda toothpaste paste


My toothbrush is made from jars of recycled yoghurt (I love to say, it always surprises!). There are also bamboo, with changeable head … Vegan friends, pay attention to the bristles of pork silk.

Here is  a comparison of the different practical toothbrushes  written by Natasha.

I find my Preserve toothbrush in organic store


I prefer pure oils (coconut oil) and cleansing wipes that are very ecological and very effective. I do not use any more disposable cottons, it’s out of the question! It damages the skin, especially sensitive eyes. You can find pure makeup remover oils in any organic store. You can also opt for an oil-based makeup remover. I especially think of girls who do not like the feeling of “fat” that can sometimes leave the pure oil on the skin.

This stage of a routine is so important, that I have done  you a whole article on makeup removal .

Make-up remover, wipes, oils, vegan, natural, cruelty free

1. Pachamamaï naked cleansing oil  – 2.  Lamazuna cleansing wipes  – 3. Angevines Fantômette oil  – 4.  Bio Planète coconut oil – 5. Lulu & Boo orange chocolate oil

Wash your facial skin

As I told you above, we forget the products that strike ! It is of capital importance. In fact, I do not take more bubble gels or things like that. Instead, I use a cold saponified soap , ultra-soft, with as few ingredients as possible. I am also an unconditional Konjac sponge that is very soft to the skin.

Soaps of vegan soap Pachamamaï and Coutiver on Happy Léon  – Sponge de Konjac

Day and night care for the face

You can opt for several options:

  • A cream: choose a cream in an organic store or on an organic website. Avoid harmful ingredients or do it yourself.
  • A pure oil or a mixture of oils: the oils are incredibly nourishing and caring, that is what my skin prefers!
  • A serum: a serum, it is a magic cocktail of oils, macerates, essential oils … It’s a bit like a blend of oils in sum … A little more elaborate though!
  • For the outline of the eye: a vegetable oil may suffice, for my part I like the calophyll for dark circles and pockets or even avocado oil.

As I explained to you recently in this article , at the moment I opt for a pure oil + cream and in the evening a mixture of oils.

Day care, vegan, natural, cruelty free

1. Pachamamaï serum  – 2. Lavera day cream  – 3.  DIY homemade cream (hands or face)  – 4. Calophyll oil (in organic store) – 5. Olive macerate of arnica (in organic store)

Face masks

Once a week (minimum), I apply a face mask. When I do not have much time, I simply mix a little clay with water . Otherwise, I make a homemade recipe . Fanny has proposed 3 recipes of masks for the hair on the blog a few days ago … Know that you can also apply them on the skin! Moreover, a year ago, I proposed to you my 3 recipes of masks anti-acne preferred to the superfoods !


Makeup is not left out with regard to harmful ingredients. It is therefore better to opt for natural products, especially skin imperfections: forget the foundation cracra! It is mistaken that natural makeup is less effective than its chemical counterpart . For my part, I do not see any difference: it does not take less time (it says, everything depends on the quality of the product), it is no less covering (the proof is with my concealer from Lily Lolo ), The colors are not more bland, the products do not smell as good … In short, many prejudices circulate on natural makeup and it is a shame!

Discover  my natural make-up in this article !