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Childern Follow To Mom

Mothers are now numerous to tell their family life on a dedicated blog. Which ones to follow, on their site or on Instagram? Our selection.

8 at home : a large ado-rable family

In 2010, the show Les Maternelles devotes a weekly column to Cécile and her six children, now aged 19, 17, 16, 13 and 2 x 11 years. When the chronicle ends at the end of 2011, Cécile opens her blog to continue to keep traces of this extraordinary family life. This gives an equally atypical blog, through which Cécile likes to demonstrate not without humor that “yes, it is possible to have six children in 2016”.

We like: his subjects of predilection, the conciliation life personal / privacy and his reflections on education, especially adolescents – whom she calls his ado-rables – always tinted with benevolence.

What the blog changed in her life: thanks to the network built with him, Cécile published, in September 2015, a book about perinatal mourning , a subject that was close to her heart since 2004.

Ciloubidouille : forward creativity!

Ciloubidouille, an abundance of creations.

Courtesy of Ciloubidouille

Give Cécile zippers, she will make a kit or a thousand other things so much creativity. It was also to contain this thirst for creations that she created her blog 10 years ago “as to check the boxes of my too long to-do list”. Since the Paris region or China, where she currently lives, Cécile always has an opportunity to post the hacks like those made for the grandiose birthdays of her four children of 16, 14, 10 and 6 years old. What kid does not dream of such a birthday Harry Potter ?

We like: the spontaneity of Cécile’s notes and the simplicity of her creations, far from the sometimes guilty images of Interest.

What the blog has changed in his life: nothing radical. Cécile continues her quiet life even if it is sometimes recognized in the street!

Marjoliemaman, a particular tone that oscillates between contemplative sweetness and self-deprecation.

Courtesy of Marjoliemaman

In April 2008, when Marjolaine, then a journalist, opens her blog, her son has just a month. She chronicles with candor and humor her life as a young mother, sharing her doubts and finds with her readers increasingly numerous after the birth of her two daughters, in 2009 and 2012. Marjolaine is the “mum next door” The girlfriend we’d all like to have.

One loves: that particular tone that oscillates between contemplative sweetness and self-deprecation.

What the blog has changed in her life: “Everything,” Marjolaine answers. On the professional side in any case since this showcase enabled him to stop journalism to work as a freelancer for childcare brands and realize his dream: to write books. His fifth book of 120 tricks for baby to make his nights came out in March 2015.

And God Created, very beautiful images of the family of Elisa.

Courtesy of God

At the beginning “And God created” was nothing of a blog of Mom. When Elisa opens it in September 2007, it is to record its favorites. And then Elisa buys a camera at the time of her second pregnancy in 2011 and takes a passion for images. Very beautiful pictures of her three children – Jules 10 years, Lou, 4 years and Mia 2 years – now illustrate her articles, whatever the subject -DIY, Montessori activity or chronicle of the daily.

We like: the fullness that emerges from his blog.

His inspirations: The Swedish blog Zilverblauw and the road is home “the most beautiful blog in the world” according to Elisa.

What the blog changed in her life: Elisa talks about it with eyes that shine, she was chosen to make the photos of the next advertising campaign of Marithé and François Girbaud.

Instagram: @etdieucrea

The blog of Carla, a recent blog that addresses the theme of the blended family.

Courtesy of 7 at home

The blog of this teacher is quite fresh since it dates from January 2016. We nevertheless selected it because it tackles with intelligence a subject which is rarely mentioned in the parental blogosphere: the family recomposed. That of Carla has five children. His -6 and 5-year-olds, those who share his life-6 and 4-and their 4-month-old baby. A family setting that provides new insight into the topics she deals with: prematurity, practical life, travel, cooking … “with humor or seriously but without taking oneself seriously,” she says.

We like: his frank talk full of humor

Her inspirations: Mom works , her sister’s blog, Marlène Schiappa, which proves that from a blog, one can make things happen in the world of parenting in company and in parity.