Benefits Of Choosing The Good Airport Taxi Servic

The Good Airport Taxi Servic

The VTC – passenger cars with chauffeur – do not cease to defray the chronicle. When traditional taxi drivers see the incarnation as evil, a growing number of travelers appreciate the quality of service of the VTCs, or a fortiori the fact that they have more choices to travel. Taxi or VTC, what to choose? Discover in this article the advantages and disadvantages of each of these modes of transport.

The price

According to a study conducted by Goeuro , the average price of a taxi ride in Paris is 14 €, compared with 22 € with Über – world leader of the VTC. In Lyon too, VTCs are more expensive than taxis. On the other hand, in Lille or Bordeaux, VTCs are cheaper than taxis. Contrary to conventional wisdom, VTCs are therefore not always cheaper than traditional taxis – it depends on the cities.

However, VTCs are constantly offering new services at different price ranges. Thus, if the journey between La Défense and Charles de Gaulle Airport costs 70 € with Über, it will only cost you 30 € with the Überpop “carpool” service. Finally, the price of a race with a VTC is fixed, unlike taxis where you do not know the price you will pay only once arrived at destination. Convenient.

The practical side

Since VTCs do not have a taxi license, they can not take customers on the streets, which is the prerogative of taxis. The only way to travel with a VTC is to book the trip via an application on your smartphone. This can be convenient: no need to waste time hailing a taxi.

This means anticipating your journey and having a working smartphone. If you do not have a smartphone – or if the battery is empty – or if you need a trip at the last minute, taxis are much more convenient: you can always hail one on the street .

The service

There is no lack of praise for VTCs: well-groomed, courteous and polite drivers who let the customer listen to the music they want rather than imposing their musical tastes on them, a bottle of water offered to the customer, and so on. If we can not always say the same about taxis, the message seems to have been heard. Thus, the G7 – the leader of Parisian taxis – have recently decided to go upmarket to adopt the VTC quality standards.

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