5 Blogs Organic / Natural Beauty To Follow

Natural Beauty

I know you ! And I know you like to have beauty blog listings to follow. This is the opportunity for me to share with you 5 organic or natural beauty blogs that I love to follow. Of course, this is a non-exhaustive list and there are surely lots of other really interesting hyper blogs – do not hesitate to share them via comments, for that matter .

Disclaimer / I voluntarily dismissed some blogs that I do not like: I liked to follow them in the past and today, the author’s very open-minded tone or attitude about other ways of Consuming disturbs me and is too much like proselytism. As such, I do not wish to advertise them via this space and I hope you will understand my point of view. 

  • The Basics of Julien

Julien Kaibeck is at the origin of the Slow Cosmetics , which we already talked about here in 2011. It is a concept that explains how to consume less and better. Julien has already exhibited it in two books, one of which was recently released (I bought it, I loved it, and we’ll talk about it soon).
Anyway, what I like about Julien is that he always explains things very carefully and allows us to better understand how we can better consume, being aware of what we consume. For having discussed with Julien and not being myself a consumer of 100% natural or organic products, I confess I have never felt judged or pointed at. It’s nice and the advice Julien lavishes is given with the utmost respect of others.
Julien goes further in his commitment as he works to promote Slow Cosmetics. Today, more than 60 brands are referred to as “slow” brands . A list to check before buying.

  • Makeover 

This blog, I discovered not so long ago. I appreciate the fact that the blog Peau Neuve resumes all the codes of the blog beauty traditional, it speaks to me a lot. Probably because I am blogging beauty myself and as a result, I find myself there. Not being 100% organic or natural care, it allows me to approach things smoothly and I like it well.
The beauty recipes are easy to achieve, the tone used is hyper friendly. The brands presented are generally very affordable. And the speech is sound.

  • Mamzelle Emie 

Emie is one of the pioneers of the beauty blogosphere. She opened her blog in 2006 and I remember devouring pages and pages of her blog when I opened mine in 2007. Over the years, Emie’s work has become more and more quali Book of pretty natural cosmetic recipes to test at home. Emie is also the author of two organic beauty recipe books, published by Eyrolles

  • Gala’s Blog

This is not just a beauty blog, but a blog that addresses the many facets of Gala life, vegan and healthy addict committed. As for cosmetics, Gala is mainly a follower of Slow Cosmetics ( tiens tiens, cucou Julien! ) But also DIY recipes easy to concoct at home. Gala also created its own beauty e-shop, HappyLeon that I invite you to discover. Special mention to the instagram account of HappyLeon which is more cute you die !

  • The Hair Blog 

Juliette and nice and talk about hair without taking the head (ah ah!). Here, no unpleasant speech. On the contrary, we learn by having fun, we follow with pleasure the journey of the pretty Juliet through her newspaper shoot (which has not been fed for a little while elsewhere!) And we laugh at the sight of This very nice page which we very much want to be inspired.