4 Facilities Travellers Can Enjoy In Serviced Apartments

Mayfair serviced apartment

In recent times, more and more travellers are opting for unconventional accommodation choices over hotels and one that stands out from the rest is serviced apartments. These apartments are all the rage in London, especially in the affluent area of Mayfair. This part of London is reserved for the wealthy and elite, and before the concept of rental apartments were born, travellers could only view Mayfair from far. Today, both business and leisure travellers can live in Mayfair for the duration of their trip at a fraction of the cost of any standard London hotel. Furthermore, they can expect to live like a local.

Travellers can choose to rent flats ranging from penthouse, one bedroom, two bedroom deluxe or duplex and three bedroom apartments, as per their requirements. The rental apartments are all beautifully decorated to offer a home from home,

LCD TV, satellite TV, Wi-Fi and music system: Hotels only offer a room with a bed, bathroom and maybe a sofa or chair. On the other hand, serviced apartments come with all the entertainment facilities that you would need to live comfortably.  A Mayfair serviced apartment usually features an LCD TV, high-speed Internet, satellite TV and music system so that travellers can feel like they are at home.

  • Fully-integrated kitchen: For travellers who love to cook, serviced apartments are the ideal option. These boutique flats equipped with state-of-the-art kitchen appliances are usually situated close to the local markets and grocery stores. Residents can step out, shop and prepare their own meals. This arrangement is particularly beneficial to those having a limited travel budget or travelling with children.
  • Concierge and housekeeping services: Even though serviced apartments are like a home away from home, they are not devoid of the services offered by 5-star hotels. From professional maid services to 24/7 concierge services, travellers can look forward to being treated lavishly and with the utmost care.
  • Separate space for work and play: Space is one of the primary reasons why serviced apartments are increasingly being preferred by all types of travellers. These rental flats are spread out across a massive area and even their one bedroom apartments offer separate living, dining and sleeping areas.

Serviced apartments in London are helping tourists and business travellers cut down on their expenses. It is also making London visits less cumbersome since the Mayfair apartments are close to all that London has to offer. Once the apartments have been rented, the residents can make use of it like their own. These apartments even allow the residents to invite friends over for a party.

The advent of serviced apartments has changed the accommodation scene in London for the better. If you are planning to visit the city, you can look forward to more convenience within your budget. Also, you will get the chance to live in Mayfair among the rich and famous, who are the cream of the society without spending a fortune.